Contest Inclusive Gallery – accessible artwork – Jury’s decision on the first three equal prizes

Contest Inclusive Gallery, which was announced on 15 July 2018 and finished on 15 October 2018, received 25 works of art and ideas. After the accessibility analysis, conducted by the Accessibility Team, 21 artist and artist were placed in the narrow circle.

Members of the Jury: Andra Palašti, Milica Orlović Čobanov, Miroslav Karić, Srdjan Veljović, Milan Nesić and Dejan Jankov, decided to award the first three equal prizes to the following artists:

Milica Dukić – If everyone would put masks…

Proposal of the author Milica Dukić relies on previous artistic research in the domain of contemporary embroidery and photographs, in which she uses certain needles and emotions to transmit certain emotions and atmospheres. The proposed series of “pictures” performed in the technique of embroidery on the canvas, as well as by placing them in light boxes, will offer new sensory experiences to the audience and open new dimensions of the perception of identity issues of the portrayed personality – front and back, i.e. positive and negative.

Konstantin Djurickovic – Puzzle principle

Proposal of the author Konstantin Djurickovic gives a very significant and concrete contribution in exploring the possibility of involving blind and visually impaired people in the experience of artistic content, especially objects that are physically unavailable for tactile approach (e.g. architectural works). Drawing figures, from 3D pieces, based on a tactile perception of the form and markings in the Braille letter, makes Djurickovic’s proposal interactive, ideally very thoughtful and educational for everyone.

Dragana Kuprešanin – Invisible wave – experimental tactile strip

Proposal of the author Dragana Kuprešanin – innovative approach in the realization, i.e. haptic adaptation of the comic book significantly contributes to its accessibility to the audience with disabilities. The invisible wave for the first time opens up the possibility for blind and visually impaired people to discover unavailable artistic domain. The introduction of tactile as a technical and structural component of comics expands the potentials of the media, giving a new aesthetic dimension to a wider circle of readers, through the experiment and transformation of the classic expression.

In Novi Sad, November 5, 2018.